The Dolomite peaks in and around Alta Badia are a varied climbing terrain. Here, every climber finds their personal challenge and suitable tour, whether beginner or experienced alpine climber. The Sella towers, the Three Peaks, Sciliar, Catinaccio and Sasso della Croce. We are happy to advise you on the most beautiful via ferratas, climbing crags and towers.

Via ferratas in the surrounding area:

Via Ferrata Averau: 220 m elevation - approx. 1 hr.
Short section at the entrance secured by a steel rope, the rest is walkable terrain.
Via Ferrata Ra Gusela: 400 m elevation - approx. 2 hrs. - relatively easy
Short, relatively easy via ferrata, mini section secured by a steel rope.
Piz dal Lech: 420 m elevation - approx. 4 hrs. - medium difficulty
Relatively short mountain tour in Val Badia with easy access and descent.
Via ferrata Tridentina to Rifugio Pisciadù: 600 m elevation - approx. 5½ hrs. - medium difficulty
This is the most famous via ferrata in the Dolomites.
Via ferrata Pisciadù – Lake and Rifugio Pisciadù: 720 m elevation – 4¼ hrs. – medium to difficult
Complicated via ferrata requiring mountaineering experience.
Via ferrata Vallon to Piz Boè: 860 m elevation – 4¼ hrs. – medium difficulty
Long climb - descent via the via ferrata Lichtenfelser possible.
Via ferrata Cima Cir V: 400 m elevation - 2½ hrs. - difficult
Mountain tour in a beautiful landscape. Surefootedness is necessary.
Via ferrata Sasso della Croce e Cima Dieci: 1240 m elevation - 7½ hrs. - difficult
Long tour in a beautiful landscape across a secured mountain path - short via ferrata stretch on Cima Dieci.